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The Life and Times of Prophet Muhammad

The Philosophical Teachings of Prophet Muhammad

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The Philosophical Teachings of Prophet Muhammad
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Muhammad, A Great Influential Leader

    To agree in totality with a subject is to place ones faith in that belief. Some might say that because I am of the Muslim faith, I blindly put my faith into the teachings of Mohammed, a prophet of Islam. This, however, is not true, while it is correct to say that I accept Mohammad’s philosophy, this is not only because I am Muslim. My being Muslim has influenced my acceptance of Mohammed’s teachings, but if I felt the need I can choose to leave my religion, although my faith keeps me here.

            The main message the prophet, Muhammad tried to convey to civilization is the existence of a God, this God, a supreme being like no other, the power and authority this being possesses measures to great heights and the respect given towards this omnipotent and omniscient originator is incomprehensible. The prophet Muhammad lived his life in the teachings of this omnipotent being. In my opinion, I believe that the mentality of people in our generation is increasing in objectiveness and scientific proof. Most people in society can not and will not believe in an idea, especially an idea as obscure one man, claiming he is the messenger of God. Religion requires faith and without this faith religion and the inspiration of the existence of a supreme being. 

People all over the world worship different supreme beings, if not at all, however, this are the fact that this being alters in different cultures. People world wide believe in different Gods and worship this God in different manners. All these religions contain conflicting beliefs and a state of mentality. If it wasn’t for the traditions, culture and values I have been raised with throughout my life I strongly doubt that I will believe or even be convinced by Islam. My up bringing has played an immense role on how to view religions. In fact, Islamic religion encourages the young and old to venture off and learn and study different religions. “To be a true Muslim, is to be acceptant to others, regardless of race, religion or culture”. (Abdul Akabar). By this the religion hopes of shelter faithful and strong believers. The people who are opened minded might change their belief or make alterations to their way of life, however, the people who do make the choice to stay within Islam come back with a stronger faith and appreciation for the religion. I myself, living in a non-Islamic country, have had a lot of experience being exposed to a multitude of religions; some I found were similar while others were hard to acknowledge, however, the faith I possesses towards Islam allowed me to stay grounded to the religion.

A great philosopher by the name of Muhammad possesses faith so illuminant one may believe that he was praised by the light of heaven. Without the ideas of God, perhaps, Muhammad, a Muslim philosopher would have been left in ignorance, never knowing that the thing he saw quite clearly were true. Muslims see God as a vital cause for our existence. Even the idea of a place without God cannot be pictured by Islam. Islamic beliefs are very dependent on God, but the religion also uses the concept of God in many ways. The idea of God can have fundamental values. These fundamental values create the building blocks and act as a supportive back bone for the main philosophies Muhammad expresses through his teachings. Most of these theories I strongly agree with, however, there are other theories of Islam which I do not fully understand in order to be convinced or to wager one hundred percent of my faith into.

One of the prophet’s major theories is the fact that each person is born pure and that human beings are given a choice on earth, whether to follow evil or good steps. The prophet also goes on to explain that to seek God’s pleasure, the heavens, is through faith, prayer and charity. To worship God and to treat all God’s of Gods creations with equality and compassion.

 I strongly accept and am convinced by this theory. I do believe that humans are not predetermined as to which direction to follow from birth, but do stumble through that path during their life time. Depending on whom a certain person becomes and the choices they make, whether they are evil or good allow them to satisfy their definition of what they believe to be evil or good, it also allows humans to be able to reason, which the distinctive character which separated mankind from other animals. The one idea that I don’t agree with in this teaching is the idea that a human must have faith, pray and give to charity to obtain an open gateway to the heavens. I believe that by saying that only the people who believe in Allah should and can go to heaven is in some ways unfair. If one was to assume that the idea that only Muslims may enter the heavens, then children who have been raised a certain religion and have not  found the need to study or explore other religions tend to stay within the religion they have been raise by. I don’t believe that just because a child was raised a Muslim and another was raised a Christian, one should have the advantage over the other. On the other hand, one factor in this teaching which I fully and strongly abide by is the concept that all of God’s creators should be treated with compassion and equality. I believe that if all of civilization was to convincingly abide by this belief than an immense amount of world issues of degradation, such as racism and sexism would seize to exist.

Another one of Muhammad’s theories is the fact that to become a faithful Muslim one must also believe that the entire message of Islam is derived from the Holy Quaran, the Sunnah and Hadith, which are the traditions and practices of the Holy Prophet; it is immutable in the face of change in time and place. I agree to this theory to a certain extant. The content in the Holy Quaran, the Sunnah and Hadith are basically in depth derivations of the basic concepts of Islam. If one should believe in the basic concepts of Islam, which are to believe in only one God, the supreme being, prayer and charity, then it is a given that they should believe in the derivations of these believes. I think that this is easier said than done, because once a person has accepted the basic beliefs it may be difficult to adapt to the stricter implications displayed in the Holy Quaran, the Sunnah and the Hadith. Just because a Muslim finds it difficult or does not fully accept the stricter implications given by the other Islamic resources; I do not think that they should be classified as less of a Muslim or have less of a faith in Islam.

The final theory in Muhammad’s teachings is that the nation of Islam is open too all people. Any individual, despite one’s background, ethnics, culture, sex or past experiences are welcome to join the Nation of Islam.  I completely agree with this theory because I strongly believe that religion should never have restrictions towards who to accept or welcome or who to shun away. Since Islam is a very welcoming religion I believe that this is one of the leading factors to the increase amounts of Muslims all over the world. Acceptance is one of the most important theories in Islam and displaying this value outside of the walls of Islam allows the intriguing mind to wonder in.

There are many different religions and beliefs world wide, however, humanity in our current generation have the right and privilege to choose the religion they believe and have faith in. To be religious, faith must be required, and present. Religion differs from logical or physical proof, religion tests ones faith. The prophet Muhammad dedicated his life in the teachings of Islam. I am quite familiar with his journey and all of the Islamic tales about his holy way of life. Muhammad’s theories and beliefs helped guide and sometimes even model the lives of many Muslims including myself.





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